Private Medical Insurance

What Is Private Medical Insurance?

This type of insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment that you may receive for diseases, illnesses or injuries. You pay a monthly sum to your insurer, and that company pays out for your essential treatments such as hospital care and surgeries.

Private medical insurance, also known as health insurance, does not cover chronic conditions, such as arthritis or cancer, which need ongoing or long-term monitoring and control.

Who Is Private Medical Insurance For?

Private medical insurance is generally purchased by people who want to benefit from faster consultations or treatments that are unavailable, or less quickly accessed, on the NHS.

You will not lose your entitlement to NHS treatment by buying a private medical insurance policy, instead this policy works alongside the NHS.

However, every private medical insurance policy varies in what it covers and includes, so it can be tricky to find a policy that gives the best value for your requirements. As financial advisers we are here to help find the right solution.

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